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Sponsorship Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the different sponsorship opportunities WMRC offers.

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Live Reads:
A series of messages read live by the morning team. These range form :10 - :15 seconds in length instead of the usual :30 - :60 commercial messages. This may allow for more repetition on a limited budget.

WMRC-First Class Radio takes pride in our award winning news coverage. We provide our listenership the only complete, truly local news in the area. WMRC is the best source for local and regional news, and in depth coverage of the events that directly affect the people and communities where our listeners live. Our loyal following and responsive audience can work for you as a News Sponsor.

WMRC is proud to have the area's only state of the art weather center installed high atop the WMRC facilities. This equipment allows us to provide our listeners with up to the minute weather information never before available in this affluent suburban market. Everybody listens to the weather and when you sponsor this "Prime" programming, you own the attentive ears of our entire audience.

For generations this affluent suburban market has been a hotbed for sports, producing championship team after championship team, and WMRC has been there every step of the way. We provide our listeners up to the minute scores, highlights, schedules and information on a daily basis with our award winning Sportscasts. Join our team with this great sponsorship.

Millions of people in Massachusetts play the lottery each and every day, Mega Bucks, The Big Game, The Daily Number, Mass Millions and more. WMRC broadcasts all of this valuable lottery information multiple times each day. We broadcast the previous days numbers, winners and jackpots, as well as their projected payoffs. Don't gamble, sponsor the lottery.

Time Checks:
Now you can sponsor the WMRC Time Checks on First Class Radio. These well placed "Prime Time" time checks demand listeners attention, and in turn demand our listeners hear your message. The time is now, so check it out.

The Business of the Week:
Be a part of this fabulous Business to Business marketing program. Each day during the morning show we ask any and all businesses to fax or E-mail us their letterhead to be entered into a weekly drawing for lunch for the entire office, as well as other nice prizes from WMRC-First Class Radio. A great Business to Business program.

The Pet of the Week:
Each week WMRC First Class Radio spotlights an animal available for adoption for local humane societies. We discuss the pets characteristics , and requirements for adoption and proper pet care. Theis program positions your message to the pet lovers you want to reach.

School Lunch Menu's:
WMRC is the leader for providing local school information to our listeners including PTA meeting, school committee meetings, plays & musicals, school cancellations, and high school sports. The most listened to program on a daily basis however is the School Lunch Menu's. If you're looking to reach the young families you can't beat the School Lunch Menu's on WMRC.

The Voice of Portugal:
For over 25 years WMRC-First Class Radio has been the exclusive voice for the Portuguese community. Every Sunday form 9AM to 11AM the Voice of Portugal provides local news, hospital information, sports scores, local events, and great music for our Portuguese listeners.

The Sports Buzz:
WMRC Sports Director Chris Fama's fast paced action packed program provides you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of local high school, collegiate, and national sports. You'll get game stats, facts, and interviews with coaches, players, and most importantly fans, every Saturday morning from 10:00-12:00.

The Paul Parent Garden Club:
Want to know how to get those grubs out of your shrubs, attract bees to your trees, or propagate your peonies? Paul's valuable information and seasonal tips for gardeners include topics like soil, fertilizer, mulch, perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers, herbs, vegetables, cooking, and gardening supplies. Often called the "Guru of Gardening," Paul Parent is invited to lecture at nurseries, garden centers and schools everywhere. Now he dispenses his easy-to-understand solutions with patience, enthusiasm and a subtle sense of humor on WMRC-FIRST CLASS RADIO.

The Senior Scene:
A daily feature announcing the events and activities taking place at the Senior Centers throughout the WMRC listening area. Our goal is to become the single daily source for everything taking place at the centers÷trips to the museums, casino's, musical's and plays, as well as the schedule of speakers and presentations. A great vehicle to target the older audience.

Time Capsule:
Each weekday morning and afternoon, our listeners will try to win by correctly guessing the month and year of a Time Capsule quiz. They'll hear one minute of clues, such as events and music from a designated mystery month. Then, right before the find out the answer÷on comes your important sales message.

The Birthday and Anniversary Club:
Be part of all the excitement each weekday morning as we say happy birthday, and anniversary to those celebrating throughout the WMRC listening area. Each Friday we pick a lucky winner to receive great prizes from First Class Radio, and participating sponsors.

The Good Neighbor Company:
Each month of the year WMRC-First Class Radio selects several non-profit organizations to support in their efforts to promote their events, activities, and fundraisers. In the past they have included, My One Wish, The Daily Bread Food Pantry, DARE, The Boys and Girls Scouts, St. Jude, St. Rocco's Festival, and many others. Our commitment to these organizations, as well as, other great causes will continue for many years to come, and we hope you will join us in supporting them by becoming a÷"Good Neighbor Company". We have created an annual menu of events so you can create your own Good Neighbor plan÷just ask.

Local Athletics:
Reinvest in your business by participating in our Local Sports Sponsorship program. Every year this sports-minded suburban market produces Championship team after Championship team, and WMRC is proud to be there every step of the way. Now with WMRC's expanded coverage of local sports your company can support these tremendous athletes, and benefit by reaching their loyal fans in this "Market of Champions".

Milford Legion Baseball:
One of the most listened to programs in the history of WMRC. We carry every exciting game both home and away and throughout the playoffs with WMRC Sports Director Chris Fama. This isn't baseball, this is a religion÷be a part of it.

Live Remote Broadcasts:
A Live Broadcast is a great way to generate the excitement you need to make your Grand Opening or Special Event a huge success. With the WMRC Live Broadcast package, you get the full support of the WMRC Staff÷before, during, and after the big day.

The Boston Red Sox:
2004 World Series Champions÷Need we say more÷ The Boston Red Sox live on WMRC is summer radio at its best. The Sox fan is the most loyal listening audience that you can reach and sell all summer. WMRC-First Class Radio can reach your prospects everywhere because RADIO TRAVELS!!! Reach your potential customers at home, work, in the car, by the pool, in the yard, on the patio, walking, jogging, you name it.

ET Radio Minute:
Entertainment tonight, the #1 syndicated entertainment news magazine is now on WMRC. The ET Radio Minute hosted by Mary Hart is a daily synopsis of "what's hot and what's not in Hollywood. Inside information on movies, television, radio, fashion, and events, and now you can sponsor it on First Class Radio.

WMRC Storm Center:
The only medium in this market available to serve our communities during a winter storm is WMRC-First Class Radio. Only WMRC can serve as a communicator with the area's schools, police, fire, utilities, public works, and transportation services. Only WMRC is available to broadcast emergencies, accidents, school and business closings, power outages, and detours. Now we offer you the opportunity to sponsor this "Prime Time" programming.

Monthly Promotions:
WMRC always runs monthly and seasonal promotions throughout the course of the year, for more specific details (contact us).

Boston College:
WMRC is a pround affiliate for the Boston College Eagles and carry all football and basketball games live.

WMRC has dozens of additional sponsorship opportunities throughout the course of the year. Please fill out a custom marketing analysis so we can determine the right marketing plan for your business.

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